Daily Archive: February 17, 2010

Notes on Populism

Note: I’d like to stick my toe in the political waters a bit here, but do not intend to stray far from old books and art: my virtual bread and butter. However, E.D. Kain’s...

Pakistan’s Endgame for Afghanistan

Scott recently raised some skepticism about the potential impact of the capture of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, former operational commander of the Afghan Taliban. Today word is out that another high ranking Afghan Taliban...

The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Mesopotamians lived in a world that, at first glance, reminds one of the Ancient Greeks. There is the same interaction with a plethora of gods who guide men, but often remain indifferent to...

Question for the Day

What must it be like to be Rick Santorum…in what universe does this guy think he can be president (when he got smoked in a Senatorial race in Pennsylvania)?

“The First Draft, Not the Compromised Second Draft”

Like Allahpundit – and, surprisingly to me, for the same reasons – I have no idea whatsoever what the newly-released Mount Vernon Statement is supposed to accomplish.  It amounts to a statement that the old Three-Legged...

The Best Journalism of 2009

I’d like to nominate this Vlade Divac profile for Conor Friedersdorf’s annual “best of” compilation.

Olympics Report 1

As The League of Ordinary Gentlemen’s 2010 Winter Olympics Special Correspondent, some early observations: 1. It’s pretty surreal to live in a city that is hosting the “Winter” Olympics when I was outside for...

Scalia: No Right to Secede

A fun tidbit from the Justice’s fan mail. Patriotic Texans and Vermonters are no doubt disappointed.

All the good band names are taken

Which probably explains why the new ones keep getting longer and longer. As far as ridiculously long musical monikers go, my favorites are “I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness” and the delightfully gothic-sounding...

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