The trials of Roger Ebert


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5 Responses

  1. William Brafford says:

    I feel obliged to point out that, although I definitely like Ebert, I trust A.O. Scott more.Report

    • BCChase in reply to William Brafford says:

      As the article says, his criticism has seemed to be a little less harsh and on point the last few years. I read him for observations more than overall reviews at this point. But if that’s the tradeoff for his online journal being what it is, I think it is a good one.Report

      • William Brafford in reply to BCChase says:

        I find Ebert’s mode of living admirable. The great thing about his writing is that his way of dealing with the world comes through in his prose. I don’t think I could say that about any other critic, even though there are several whose reviews I find more useful in figuring out whether or not I’ll like a movie.Report

  2. trumwill says:

    I hadn’t seen a picture of him since the surgery. For some reason, I figured that they put some sort of prosthetic jaw in or something. Nothing he could use, but for aesthetic reasons.Report

  3. Rufus says:

    I’ve come to like his reviews quite a bit, but I had to get used to the way he writes them with the audience in mind. For instance, if he reviews a horror movie, Ebert will try to figure out if the horror audience will like it or not. It’s a different approach than someone like Pauline Kael took, but I’ve come to read him as well for the observations instead of the overall review. He’s actually a fantastic writer, which is always a treat to discover.Report