Daily Archive: February 12, 2010

Friday Night Jukebox

I’m a sucker for rhythmic minimalism: New York Is Killing Me – Gil S…

Science Fiction Friday (II)

The ultimate guilty pleasure: Alyssa Rosenberg delves into the Star Wars expanded universe.

Hesiod “Works and Days”

Perhaps inappropriately, Mister Kain’s recent post about populist conservatism comes to mind because I’m reading Hesiod, who I’ve heard called a “conservative” more than a few times now. It’s a cringe-inducing term and terribly...

Science Fiction Friday

Because it’s my blog and I’ll post ephemera if I want to: The LA Times on Philip K. Dick and Orange County; io9 on the “soft” (ie not world-ending) apocalypse, which includes a shout-out...

“I had to get my book game back up”

An entertaining article on the reading habits of NBA players, international and homegrown alike. On a related note, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson distributes  books to his players every season; here’s this year’s list.

Can blogging prevent plagiarism?

I completely missed the Daily Beast plagiarism scandal, but Michael Roston has an interesting post on how blogging norms prevent writers from inadvertently stealing.

A modest proposal for childhood obesity

Every First Lady is obliged to tackle some trendy and media-inflated crisis.  For Hillary Clinton it was healthcare.  Laurah Bush focused on literacy.  Michelle Obama wants to end the dread childhood obesity “epidemic”.  Perhaps...

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