Daily Archive: February 9, 2010

Defending Leno

I found this surprisingly persuasive.

Homer “The Iliad” (2 of 2)

Long before they were recorded, the Homeric legends were the material of traveling oral bards who composed as they chanted, making use of certain stock formulas: the battle, the speech, the ritual, proper descriptions...

Jaybird Bait

Yes, this is real.  No, it is not a joke.  Via Patrick, via TJIC.

Economic Finger Trap

Dani Rodrik on the Chinese trade imbalance vice grip: So we are left, it seems, with two equally unappetizing options. China can maintain its currency practices, but at the risk of large global macroeconomic...

More on Constitutional Powers

The other, other Publius describes the way in which the categories of persons subject to denial of due process rights has regularly and rapidly expanded over the last 9 years.  We are perilously close,...

Financial Must-Read

Rortybomb takes on shadow banking and why the proposed Volcker Rule falls short.  Be sure to follow the links. He’s got a lot of good information and the illustrations are very accessible to a...

Should we be capturing more terrorists?

On a practical level, Mark Thiessen’s case for capturing and torturing suspected terrorists in place of bombing them is pretty unpersuasive, mainly because he doesn’t have any proof that we lose a chance to...

Executive Power, 2010 Edition

Transplanted Lawyer wonders where the outrage is over the recent claim by the Obama Administration that it has the authority to assassinate US citizens believed to be terrorist participants, noting that this is an...

Separation of Powers and the Filibuster

I go back and forth on what I think about the propriety of the filibuster for legislative purposes, although I’m inclined towards the view that the filibuster is on the whole a good thing...

Fixing the IPCC

In the wake of Climategate, Clive Crook has some choice words for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chance.

Genesis of a Verb

How “to podium” entered our Olympic lexicon.

Required Reading

Sonny Bunch interviews Matt Labash (whose best work can be found here, here and here). A teaser: