Daily Archive: February 5, 2010


The Architecture of Modernity & the Joy of Science

Ages, places, and nations sometimes have characteristic architectural forms. Sometimes these forms, like vinyl-clad McMansions, or the decrepit and vaguely totalitarian National Mall, tell you things about a culture that its members would rather...


Keep It Simple Stupid

Daniel Larison makes a point that should be blindingly obvious were it not for the need for our talking heads to turn every single election into a referendum on the talking heads’ own framing...


Excellent Video on Yemen

Not much to add to this one, except to say that it gives us an amazing window into the paradoxes of a country facing the pressures of globalization and traditional culture (what used to...


High speed rail U.S.A.

Opponents of high speed rail make several points about its viability: rail is a “19th century” mode of transportation; rail would be under-used and therefore would need massive subsidies to function; infrastructure in the...


Should Democrats pass the healthcare reform bill?

Via Andrew, Jonathan Bernstein thinks the Democrats should pass the bill regardless of the public’s distaste for the process: Reconciliation is thirty years old, and there’s nothing at all wrong with using it to...

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