Daily Archive: February 4, 2010


Why did Avatar’s script suck?

James Cameron’s op-ed on space exploration in today’s Washington Post offers a clue. Favorite line: “So it could be said that rockets really run on dreams.” (All snark aside, I like Cameron’s enthusiasm for...


Prince Charles, Crunchy Conservative

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but Prince Charles’ nascent crunchy conservatism strikes me as emblematic of that movement’s worst features, from the vague noises about “harmony” and “natural order” to a near-total cluelessness about the...


Foodie Self-Sufficiency

Here’s a provocative post from Felix Salmon on why local self-sufficiency is preferable to free trade in the context of agricultural production.


An unsettled dogma

Jonah Goldberg has a very smart response to Jim Manzi’s reflections on “liberty-as-means” libertarians vs. “liberty-as-goal” libertarians.  I want to focus on Jonah’s post here, but you should read Manzi as well.  Jonah writes:...