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28 Responses

  1. Avatar Scott says:

    Let Obama keep bashing LV and hopefully the voters will punt Reid out of office.Report

  2. Avatar Rufus F. says:

    So, wait, I should blow a lot of money in Vegas? Now I’m so confused!Report

  3. Avatar North says:

    Humph, well if the Nevadans are going to get so snippety maybe Obama should revisit his shutting down the nuclear waste repository there. If they punt ol Reid out who’s going to keep throwing monkey wrenches into the repository project?Report

    • Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

      North, great point! Where are we going to deposit our nuclear waste?Report

      • Avatar North says:

        Well my own suggestion would be to burn out “waste” in a fast reactor like the French do. The French store the portion that can’t be re-used in glass cylinders. After half of century of storage they’ve filled up a room about the size of a large college gymnasium. Perhaps we could store our waste under congress?

        Or we could reverse our mistake in the 50’s and build new reactors that use thorium. Thorium doesn’t really produce much waste in general and what little it does produce decays down after about 100 years.

        Or there’s always fusion!!! (but seriously, we should consider thorium)

        • Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

          North, you’re like a scientist on this stuff! Now, we do agree on Nuk-e-ar energy!Report

          • Avatar Rufus F. says:

            When I was living in Gardanne, outside of Marseille, I used to like to take strolls on the weekends down around the nuclear plant and back. The French really lapped us on this one, I think. Something like 85% of their power comes from nuclear and they’re really the best in the world at building the plants. But there’s always room to catch up now that nobody remembers watching The China Syndrome.Report

            • Avatar North says:

              Rufus, I agree entirely. The French (and it agonizes me, a rabid anglophile to admit this) have completely stolen the show on the subject of commercial nuclear power. Yes they generate between 80-85% of their power from nuclear which is one reason why they’re the tough-on-Russia bloc in the EU. Russia rattles its’ oil lines and Germany swoons but the French yawn.Report

          • Avatar North says:

            You’re so kind Bob, nuclear is a hobby of mine. If I had discovered it earlier in my life (and if the practical sciences didn’t give me The Fear) I might have gone into the field myself.Report

    • Avatar Scott says:

      I thought Yucca Mountain was already dead? Thank you Obama and Reid.Report

      • Avatar North says:

        It’s dead currently but it’s a gigantic reinforced titanium bunker under a mountain. It doesn’t just vanish into a poof of butterflies when a politician cuts its budget. It could be reactivated easily (and then the sunk costs that went into it would be partially recouped).Report

  4. Avatar Rufus F. says:

    I’ll tell you what I found offensive in that town hall; there was a point at which Obama said something like, “You don’t want Washington to politically exploit your problems; you want us to solve your problems!” The crowd cheered, but I thought, “hey, wait, no I don’t!”Report

  5. Avatar Lev says:

    Wow, this might be the stupidest political hissyfit I’ve ever heard of. I can’t believe that any of these guys didn’t collapse into paroxysms of laughter immediately after saying this garbage.Report

  6. Avatar Keljeck says:

    I think we’re forgetting the real issue here. Apparently there is so much power invested in the executive branch that an off hand remark at a town hall in New Hampshire is enough to force people to not go to Las Vegas.

    Furthermore, Nevada’s economy is evidently based on people throwing money away, in one city.Report

  7. Avatar Sam M says:

    Obama is clearly right. In an economy like this, you don’t plonk down all your cash in Vegas. You go outside of Vegas, where prostitution is legal.

    Here’s where someone makes a good joke about “priming the pump.”Report

  8. Avatar Kyle says:

    yes, it’s ridiculous – it’s obvious the president meant people should spend their money wisely and not frivolously (though this isn’t the first time he’s singled out Vegas in such comments).

    On the other hand, it’s sort of the tax-and-spend mantra right? People shouldn’t spend their money on frivolous luxuries but instead on socially optimal goods. Which might be better for the nation but it isn’t cost-free, something made all the more apparent when we’re talking about spending money in Las Vegas…Report

  9. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Thank goodness that we have finally elected a president who isn’t afraid to tell people that they need to live more moral lives and need to spend less time sinning.Report

    • Avatar Scott says:

      I might have more sympathy if that is what Obama really meant instead of just making stupid off the cuff remarks.Report

      • Avatar adolphus says:

        I don’t think it was a stupid off the cuff remark. It was a decent point that when times are tough you (citizen, government, corporation whatever) prioritize your spending and investing in college is wiser than spending on gambling or some other frivolous entertainment for which LV is noted. Maybe you disagree with it, but it is a sound point worthy of engaging with a little something more than whining about the president picking on Las Vegas.

        I didn’t read a transcription of the whole town hall, but I didn’t see evidence in what I have seen that suggested he was talking about sin or morality, but about spending priorities with limited funds. I welcome correction on that.

        People involved with Las Vegas from the earliest gangsters to the present politicians and local tourism bureaus have dedicated themselves to convincing the world that LV is synonymous with gambling, extravagant entertainment and decadent consumption (What happens in LV stays in Las Vegas is the current slogan) and there is nothing wrong with any of that. But they can’t turn around and whine when that connection is exploited to use LV as a rhetorical stand-in for all luxury spending.Report

    • Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

      Quite right, JB, he gives me a warm sensation down my leg!Report