Daily Archive: February 1, 2010


This Bill Murray?

Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice, in a longish (and at points very interesting) post making a number of different comparisons, has this to say about Ross Douthat: But Ross Douthat is nowhere so obvious....



It would seem that among his other grievances against the American Left, James O’Keefe has also adopted the long-standing charge that American academia is dominated by left-wing relativists, etc., specifically charging that this was...


I’ll Take “War on Sniffles” for $800, Alex

In addition to the continued absurdity of escalating the War on Drugs Meth Sniffles by requiring a prescription for basic cold medicine, I’m pretty sure that this is a really good way of ensuring...


Stranger in the Rye

Speaking of Holden Caulfield, io9’s excellent “Blogging the Hugos” series has picked out a few interesting parallels between Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and The Catcher in the Rye.


Is Islam incompatible with democracy?

No, according to Larry Diamond, whose paper on Arab democracy is worth reading in full. Here’s an excerpt worth considering for the “Islam is a fundamentally retrograde, anti-modern religion” crowd:


Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

A professor in my History department, known colloquially as “the department anarchist”, and I spent an afternoon discussing my problems getting undergraduates to read Homer, Saint Augustine, and Dante in the same month. “Don’t...