Monthly Archive: February 2010



Living in a Canadian/American household, the tension is pretty high right now as Canada leads 2-1 in the third period of the last match of the Olympics. No matter who wins, however, this has...


The Coffee Party

Tired of hearing about the Tea Parties? WaPo introduces the “Coffee Party”, which aims to “promote civility and inclusiveness in political discourse, engage the government not as an enemy but as the collective will...


Aeschylus “The Oresteia”

The Oresteia is a monument to the advent of law and order over primitive cycles of vengeance. The three-play cycle (the only complete Greek trilogy we have) was first performed at the Dionysia festival...


Essential Albums of the 1980s

Noted Creed apologist Joe Carter has assembled a list of the 80s’ essential but-not-too-obvious albums.  I missed out on the decade, but I’ll go ahead and nominate The Replacements’ back catalog, The Cure’s “Disintegration,”...


Lost blogging – ‘Lighthouse’

I think I’m going to start blogging weekly on the final season of Lost.  I wish I’d started this with the season premiere, but it’s too late for that. As a primer – I...


Defending the tea parties, ctd.

A reader writes: Erik, as someone who lives in the Mighty Whitey Elite NY-DC Corridor, but who comes from Tea Party America, and who has lots of friends and relatives highly sympathetic to the...


Wowee Zowee

Fellow Pavement-philes rejoice! Here’s a sweet GQ profile on former band leader Stephen Malkmus.


Marc Thiessen & the Ethics of Torture

Marc Thiessen has been trading punches with liberal bloggers over the factual accuracy of his new book, Courting Disaster. My guess is that he’ll be vindicated on the facts — after all, he was...


Summer v. Winter

The real difference between the Summer and Winter Olympics is that I can imagine running really fast, or throwing a javelin really far, or even playing basketball really well. I can’t imagine being really...


I Learned It on Wikipedia

“[D]inosaurs. . . and numerous mammals such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits do ‘taste like chicken.’“


Ah, Scolds

It’s enough to make me want to drink a beer and smoke a cigar myself. On a hockey rink.


Friendship and civic virtue

Patrick Deneen has written a fascinating entry on friendship, politics and civic virtue. Excerpting doesn’t do the post justice, but here’s the crux of his thesis: The real relationships of people in their localities...


The French: Dangerous or Merely Useless?

Jody Bottum’s provocative First Things piece on France put me in mind of this old but timeless piece by the late Porterfield Higgins-Jones Jr.: Why do we Anglo-Saxon nations, with our wise Moderation, reverence...


Defending the tea parties

In the comments to my tea party post, Freddie writes: It would help, you know, if you didn’t caricature my argument, or insert terms I didn’t use. Indeed, the point isn’t that they are...


Sympathy for the Aristocracy

Those who share the Porch’s aristocratic nostalgia will enjoy Trevor Phillips on The Wind in the Willows:


A Quick FAQ

So who are you anyway? I’m a Research Fellow at the Cato Institute. Here’s my professional page. I’m especially proud of Cato Unbound, the Institute’s monthly ideas journal, which I help to edit. Ah,...


The Best Mascot Ever

Via the First Church of Bracketology, the Ole Miss Rebels have a chance to pick up the best mascot in college sports and strike a blow for inter-galactic inclusiveness.


The Syrup Party?

Is Canada getting a tea party? The Economist suggests so, pointing to the Wildrose Alliance, a group formed in Alberta because the Conservative Party isn’t sufficiently conservative for Albertans. (My neighbour explains all of...