Monthly Archive: January 2010


11 minutes of action

That’s how much playing time goes into a typical NFL broadcast, according to The Wall Street Journal.


Rise of the Machines

Garry Kasparov looks back at his 1997 loss to an IBM computer and its broader implications for the game of chess.


No Fear of Citizens

Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down its own precedent in order to overturn campaign finance laws prohibiting corporations and unions from making “independent expenditures” relating to political campaigns within the weeks leading up to...


Houston, We Have an Ecological-Governmental Problem

Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, writing in Foreign Policy: In this, Obama was following two decades of magical thinking among both greens and liberal Democrats about energy technology. In this view, energy efficiency pays...


Too little colonialism?

At the Corner, Mark Krikorian proposes one possible explanation for Haiti’s woes: My guess is that Haiti’s so screwed up because it wasn’t colonized long enough. The ancestors of today’s Haitians, like elsewhere in...


We’re Still Having this Debate?

The one single refrain we’ve heard (especially from Broderists) over the last few years when it comes to those who claim nothing should be done about Bush-era “enhanced interrogation techniques” is that prosecutions or...


Please read . . .

. . . Sixers center Samuel Dalembert on his return to Haiti.


About That McCain-Feingold Bill…

Hopefully I’ll have more tonight or tomorrow on the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.  But I am amazed at the hyperventilating response from McCain-Feingold backers.  Is there any evidence that McCain-Feingold succeeded in...


The Necessity of Tri-Partisanship

From The New York Times: With Democrats reeling from the Republican victory in the Massachusetts special Senate election, President Obama on Wednesday signaled that he might be willing to set aside his goal of achieving...


Bold Moves in Detroit?

No, I’m not talking about the Lions breaking their NFL record 26 game road losing streak even as I write this. I’m talking about Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s plan to try to consolidate the...



IOZ shreds Amanda Marcotte.


Vector, Not Scope

I understand what Jamelle is trying to say in response to E.D.  I do.  But I think Jamelle is fundamentally misreading the GOP and the nature of what can make something meaningfully “bi-partisan” (much as...


These aren’t the Republicans you’re looking for

I respect E.D., but he’s completely off base here: And yes, even though it may cause healthcare reform to die in its tracks, I still think that the right person won in Massachusetts.  I...


What about health care reform?

Ought health care legislation be stopped dead in its tracks after the Brown win? That is a clear promise he made in the campaign (though procedurally he can’t necessarily stop it himself). But many...


The first draft of history is always poorly edited

Last year, Ross Douthat wrote a perceptive article on the inevitability of attempts to revive Bush’s flagging presidential reputation. Now Big Government is offering a sneak peak at what future Bush revisionism might look...


The Devil and Pat Robertson

The Dark Prince himself responds directly to Pat Robertson’s claim that the Haiti earthquake was punishment for a deal with the Devil.  Via Popehat.


Brown Out (With a bit o’ Science Bleg)

With all the myriad  commentary flying around about about the meaning of Scott Brown’s victory, it would help to remember that people who follow politics write about politics.  This creates a bias whereby the...


Welcome to the Village

I have seen a lot of pretty good analysis of last night’s elections coming from the “fringes” on both sides, but especially from the far Left.  I have also seen a lot of crappy...