Monthly Archive: January 2010


Don’t disenfranchise foreign NBA fans

In lieu of discussing more serious matters (Citizens United, health care, “Jersey Shore”), I’d like to direct your attention to the pressing issue of NBA All Star voting. After Tracy McGrady’s hobbled corpse nearly...


Helping Hands

I’m a poor substitute for Tyler Cowen, but since Sonny Bunch is soliciting comments on this post, I thought I’d chime in. The argument Bunch links to is pretty simple: We should think twice...


We Are All Mannings Now

So, I was looking forward to joining the rest of the country in rooting for the Saints in two weeks.  Really, I was.  Then this &#$#(@!$)% had to open his mouth and remind me...


From Kazakhstan With Love: A Lesson in Multipolarity

From Simon Shuster, reporting for Time: Then, on Jan. 19, three weeks into the dispute, Kazakhstan stepped in with a game-changing offer. It said that if Russia refuses to provide oil to the Belarussian...


“The Movement”

I know the “teabaggers” are supposed to represent some combination of incipient fascism and no-nothing economic sloganeering, but this New Yorker profile makes the whole thing seem awfully benign.


Like eminent domain, but with guns and spaceships

Of all the too-close readings of “Avatar’s” stilted politics, I enjoyed David Boaz’s take the most. He argues that the film should be interpreted as a straightforward defense of interstellar property rights.


The Best Conan Postmortem

Like every other cynical 20-something, I admit to being temporarily enthralled by NBC’s late night wars. Michael Ian Black explains why Conan’s abrupt departure resonates with us:


The Boss Tweed-ization of national politics

“Reformers should be focusing on lifting limits on the flow of money from parties to candidates and restoring the role of the parties as the funders of campaigns. Instead of Candidate Smith asking Donor...


One Last Word on Citizens United

It’s clear that opinions on Citizens United are pretty hardened, but if you don’t agree with my take, perhaps you’ll listen to Glenn Greenwald, whose post on the subject is definitive.


Must-Read of the Day

From Evgeny Morozov (at Foreign Policy), commenting on Sec. Clinton’s recent speech on the Internets.  Dude hits it out the park.  Money quote: