Daily Archive: January 20, 2010

These aren’t the Republicans you’re looking for

I respect E.D., but he’s completely off base here: And yes, even though it may cause healthcare reform to die in its tracks, I still think that the right person won in Massachusetts.  I...

What about health care reform?

Ought health care legislation be stopped dead in its tracks after the Brown win? That is a clear promise he made in the campaign (though procedurally he can’t necessarily stop it himself). But many...

The first draft of history is always poorly edited

Last year, Ross Douthat wrote a perceptive article on the inevitability of attempts to revive Bush’s flagging presidential reputation. Now Big Government is offering a sneak peak at what future Bush revisionism might look...

The Devil and Pat Robertson

The Dark Prince himself responds directly to Pat Robertson’s claim that the Haiti earthquake was punishment for a deal with the Devil.  Via Popehat.

Brown Out (With a bit o’ Science Bleg)

With all the myriad  commentary flying around about about the meaning of Scott Brown’s victory, it would help to remember that people who follow politics write about politics.  This creates a bias whereby the...

Welcome to the Village

I have seen a lot of pretty good analysis of last night’s elections coming from the “fringes” on both sides, but especially from the far Left.  I have also seen a lot of crappy...

Arsenal of Authoritarianism

The top 10 technologies for tyranny. I’m vaguely mortified that my favorite childhood game – Civilization II – makes a cameo appearance.

Awesome headlines from across the pond

From the putatively respectable Times: “The day I decided to stop being gay,” “What it feels like to be a pick-up artist,” and “Fat bloke at fit camp – read his daily reports.”

Do recessions encourage crime?

Yes, says David Downes, professor of criminology at the London School of Economics. No, says Heather Mac Donald, writing a few weeks back in The Wall Street Journal. Downes also suggests that the breakdown...

Department of Easy Targets

Vanity Fair visits the Creationist Museum. Potshots abound, but it’s still a pretty funny article.

Why the Senate HCR Bill is Dead

I think Big Tent Democrat pretty perfectly sums up why, in the aftermath of Scott Brown’s shocker last night, the Democrats will not be able to pass health care reform by resorting to “Plan...

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