Daily Archive: January 18, 2010


A Very Merry Un-Posting to You

Br. Erik writes an interesting riposte to Br. Poulos re: The Tea Partiers. Erik’s post is here, James’ here. Given that James is writing about the Tea Partiers, I think it’s fair to now...


Of tea parties and tyranny

There are many things wrong with what James is trying to say in this post.  I will try to tackle a few of them.  The meat of the post, which is also the part...


Meta-Narrating: The Year in Review for President Obama

Paul Krugman’s op-ed (for today) begins: Lately many people have been second-guessing the Obama administration’s political strategy. The conventional wisdom seems to be that President Obama tried to do too much — in particular,...



John Carney has some interesting commentary on the first day of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hearings.  He writes: A structured credit product—whether its as simple as a mortgage backed security or a complex...


Is inflation in our future?

Greg Mankiw says that it’s not a sure thing, despite the large deficits and rapid growth in our money supply.