Daily Archive: January 15, 2010


quote of the day III

“No one will ever put “worked for the Martha coakley campaign” on their resume. Unless they’re a republican.” ~ Ezra Klein


Coakley and the Amirault family

This piece in the Wall Street Journal by Dorothy Rabinowitz on the role Martha Coakley played in the wrongful imprisonment of the Amirault family is a must read.  And lest you should think this...



Following up on ED’s earlier post, here’s a smart observation from Derek Thompson at The Atlantic on the consequences of (an increasingly likely) Scott Brown victory in the Massachusetts special senatorial election (hint: the...


Flotsam and Jetsam

I found Robert Stacy McCain’s piece on the Brown-Coakley Senate race to be a fun and interesting read that also has the benefit of being Real, Actual Journalism.


The age of ideological uncertainty, continued

Anti-stimulus sentiment ran high in the comments section of my (qualified) defense of the Obama Administration’s economic policy. I encourage the skeptics to check out this article from Richard Posner, which mounts a limited...


quote of the day

“You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.” ~ Democratic candidate Marie Antoinette Martha Coakley, further sabotaging her own campaign. P.S. – I have to admit, I really like Scott...