One Daily Caller feature I am genuinely excited about


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2 Responses

  1. E.D. Kain says:

    I love the opening one:

    What would you do to stop the Somali pirates?
    — Ron

    Whoa, Ron. Let’s back up for a second. That’s a mighty large assumption you’re making, that I’d even want to stop Somali piracy. Have you ever been to Somalia? It sucks: anarchy, grinding poverty, famine. Nothing to do for fun but to chew qat and eat your pets. So stop Somali piracy? If the good people of Somalia can make their bleak lives just a little more bearable by downloading music without paying for it, I say we let them.


  2. Koz says:

    “Which foreign country most deserves to have its leaders removed?

    Without a doubt, the country with a leader most deserving of removal is Canada. Mind you, I’m an American, so I forget who’s actually running Canada (Avril Lavigne, I think). But studies have shown Canada ranks last in significant achievements while ranking first in unwarranted moral superiority. A bloodless coup would probably benefit the country as a whole, so long as the government wasn’t taken over by more Canadians.”

    Somebody had to say it.Report