Daily Archive: January 11, 2010

expectations of mediocrity

Of the many reactions to commentary over Avatar, my least favorite goes something like this:

Oh boo hoo

Cry me a river. Furthermore, do Wall Street firms complaining that compensation ratios are at historically low levels not realize that the problem is with bankers receiving bonus compensation in the first place?

evolution & metaphysics

I appreciate Tim Kowal’s long, thoughtful response to my post on Ben Stein and intelligent design, but after reading and re-reading it I’m afraid it misses the mark.  Lines like “Strictly speaking, natural selection...

On noble savages and the humanity of the ‘other’

Sullivan nods approvingly at this passage from Conor on Avatar’s Na’vi: The problem with the noble savage cliche is that it is demonstrably untrue. The people who inhabited North America before the arrival of...

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