Daily Archive: January 8, 2010


Weekend Open Thread: Heartbreak Edition

Today is the 10th anniversary of the forward lateral that changed history.  The once-great Buffalo Bills, and their still astoundingly loyal and rabid fan base (who were just a few months removed from the...


Race and homeownership, continued

A few months ago, I recommended Jason Kuznicki’s excellent article on America’s history of state-sanctioned racial discrimination. In it, Kuznicki discusses the relationship between government regulations and social prejudice (emphasis mine): In a mobile...


The Radical, Certifiably Insane…Middle

I dare anyone to read today’s David Broder column and tell me that it is in any way, shape, or form less insane than anything that Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich have ever said. ...


Preach it, Brother Edwards!

A welcome manifesto for conservative civil libertarians from a former Republican congressman:


Roger Ebert, Ben Stein, and the culture war

Ever since Will posted about Roger Ebert earlier I’ve been reading Ebert’s blog (which is fantastic) and came across this explanation of why he never formally reviewed the Ben Stein mockumentary (er, documentary) Expelled....