Daily Archive: January 7, 2010

Taste and memory

Roger Ebert may no longer be able to speak or eat, but thank God he can still blog.

Small Ironies

The British National Party gets a lesson in diversity:

Marriage in NJ

Blue Jersey is live-blogging the state senate debate here in NJ on full marriage equality.  UPDATE/BREAKING: Equality fails, 14-20.

Sex, literature and limits

A few people have objected to a Naomi Wolf article on pornography I linked to earlier. If you don’t buy the idea that rampant over-exposure to porn deadens our erotic senses, I recommend you...

Putting the cart before the horse (manure)

I do not expect Chicago School economists to favorably review the Obama Administration’s economic policy, but to suggest that those economic policies, not only those which have been passed (The American Recovery and Reinvestment...

culture is everything (well, mostly everything)

“In short, liberals and conservatives refuse to see the areas in which they have common ground because far too often they simply cannot get past the cultural markers that prevent them from even listening...