Daily Archive: January 6, 2010


Wendy Kaminer wants fewer guns, more pornography

Well, not quite. But she has an interesting post on obscenity law and firearms: If you consider a stash of obscene videos scarier than a stash of firearms then this is the country for...


Public Service Announcement

Distinguished League alumnus Freddie is taking an indefinite break from politics in favor of some serious book-blogging at his old digs. I encourage all of you to check it out – I know I’ll...


Rachel Maddow

It’s been years since I’ve watched more than a brief clip of a nighttime talking heads show.  I just can’t do it without my eyes rolling to the back of my head. 


Sacrificing Ideology at the Altar of Culture

Jamelle writes: “In a lot of cases, the aim of liberals isn’t necessarily to massively expand the reach of government as much as it is to add some intentionality and rationality — as well...


Tweak geeks

Was Best Buy really telling customers that their optimization program would increase processor speeds by 200% for $39.99 as this article claims?  This is an amusing story about the Geek Squad’s abilty to fuck up...


Have Yourself a Merry Little Epiphany

For those in the Western Christian Liturgical Calendar….Happy Epiphany. The Feast remembers The Wise Guys Men who came to visit the child Jesus. They represent the coming of The Gentiles into the Jewish tradition....


“The West is Choked by Fear”

Savor this exceedingly badass op-ed from Henryk Broder on the Danish cartoon crisis. I’ve left my favorite excerpts below the fold, but you really should read the whole thing.


Whole Foods Libertarianism

Despite the occasional lapse into liberal condescension, The New Yorker‘s profile of Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, the new age-y libertarian whose Wall Street Journal health care op-ed sparked massive protests last summer, is...


Evil Rorty, loan sharks, and Bastiat’s Broken Window

Mike Konczal (aka Rortybomb) has a really fascinating thought experiment over at his blog wherein, a la Star Trek (and later Southpark) he transforms into “Evil Rorty” in order to make a point about the...