Exporting Authoritarianism


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3 Responses

  1. Jaybird says:

    The downside of selling tech to (someone else) is that they might sell it to (yet someone else) who might sell it to (yet someone else) and it may eventually end up on slashdot with a request for programmers to help figure out workarounds.

    China may sell V1.4 to (someone else), but they won’t sell V2.0. They’ll keep that stuff locked up tight and proprietary where it will take longer than a fortnight to be cracked by some team of white knights who just had Cheeto’s gf run out to Costco for a couple of cases of Dew.Report

  2. Old Rebel says:

    I’m a little more optimistic about the resurgence of liberty in the world. The era of the ideology-based 20th century megastate is over, and the human urge to see one’s own cultural values reflected in government continues to bring political organizations down to the human level. As smaller, more responsive governments replace the megastate, the capacity — not to mention the need — to control populations and wage war will diminish.

    And I would even bet China will succumb to this trend. Tibet, Taiwan, and Uighur independence will continue to put a damper on Beijing’s efforts to keep secular imperial rule on life support.Report

  3. Observer says:

    I hadn’t noticed that Google and Yahoo were unwilling to do this on request of a host country anyway. “Do No Harm” starts with the bottom line…Report