Daily Archive: January 4, 2010

Don’t blame interest rate policy?

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke gave a speech to the American Economic Association yesterday.  In it, he argued that the Fed’s interest rate policy circa 2003 played virtually no role in the financial crisis and...

Exporting Authoritarianism

I wish I was as sanguine about the future of authoritarianism as Anne Applebaum, who breezily predicts that repressive regimes not named the People’s Republic of China will have a rough go of it...

Counter-terrorism after “The End” of the War on Terror

The New York Times has a preview of its upcoming magazine featuring Peter Barker’s article on counter-terrorism in the Obama Administration. There’s a great deal in there, but one of the leitmotifs is the...

The Evolution of Soccer

The Guardian surveys the future of the world’s most popular game. Worth reading in full, especially for any League soccer afficionados interested in the game’s history.


I finally saw Avatar (in 3D) without anyone threatening to beat me up.  It was everything I thought it would be.  The 3D was cool.  The glowing plants in the jungle were really quite...

Tortured Logic

Joe Carter has written an excellent post on torture, pacifism, and the moral legitimacy of “enhanced interrogation.”

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