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  1. Avatar Confused Kiwi says:

    (sadly, the Super Bowl was not held between 1991 and 1994, so no greater success was available to the team than a conference championship)

    I’ve never really understood American Football all that well, but do you mean it’s like the Rugby World Cup and they only have it every four years.? Must have sucked to have your team’s best years be in that middle bit and never get to see them in the big game.Report

    • Avatar carlos the dwarf says:

      It’s a joke. The Bills lost in the Super Bowl every single one of those years.Report

    • It may answer your question if you understand that I’m in a 15-year state of denial. People who are not rabid Bills fans will tell you that the Super Bowl was in fact held during that period, and that the NFC champion was the winner in each of those years.Report

  2. Avatar carlos the dwarf says:

    Mark, thanks for this. Personnel guys tend to get ignored in favor of the coaches, but they’re just as important, and usually to blame for long stretches of futility. In football, the teams that succeed over long periods of time usually do so because they consistently bring in the best talent at a reasonable price, not because of a brilliant tactical mind at head coach or coordinator.Report

    • Avatar Dan Miller says:

      Point taken (see also, Washington Redskins, circa 2000 to present). I’m just pretending last night didn’t happen at this point.Report

    • Carlos – no problem. To be sure, to have consistent success, you need a quality coach and/or quarterback, but if you don’t have the right personnel around them, you’re never going to have any real success, period.

      The weird thing about the Bills in recent years is that they’ve actually done a pretty good job of finding quality players late in drafts or as rookie free agents – Jason Peters was an RFA, as was Terrance McGee; Jim Leonhard was also a great find, but he never saw any action when he was with the Bills. But they’ve been terrible in the ordinary free agent market, and only slightly better in the early rounds of the draft, including some huge busts like Erik Flowers, Mike Williams, John McCargo, and JP Loss-man. Actually, that’s five of their last 10 first-round picks; the others have had varying levels of success, with Nate Clements being terrific until he cashed in on free agency, Lee Evans being great but lacking a qb who can reach him, McGahee being vastly overrated, Whitner serviceable at best, Lynch good but not great, and McKelvin injury-prone. Their second-round picks haven’t fared much better.

      With all the bluster they made over interviewing Shanahan, I can’t believe they didn’t even make a pass at Holmgren. It’s a sad day when you realize that the Cleveland Browns are likely to be less dysfunctional in the long-run than the Buffalo Bills.

      I’m not sure whether Perry Fewell is the answer at head coach, although at least he’s got an energy that has been lacking from the franchise since I can remember. But no one will be the answer at head coach until and unless they get their front office straightened out.Report

  3. Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

    I’m a Picksburg Stiller fan. I cheered on the Stillers when Big Daddy Libscomb was on the D-line and John Henry Johnson ran off tackle, when Bobby Layne pitched the ball to Buddy Dial while wallowing in booze…what a man!
    Me and the wife went to the first Picksburg Super Bowl…I sat in her Dad house when Franco caught the Immaculate Reception…we cheered them on for the next six Super Bowls…we outta being going this year too but the gods of feetball have betrayed us!Report