Liveblogging the World Cup Draw


Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar rob says:

    The winner of the US-England match should win the group with ease

    No argument that the US got a great draw, but there are only a couple weak teams in the tournament (New Zealand, North Korea, maybe South Africa), and while someone will get an easy game at some point, I don’t think you can really predict who and when (outside of those exceptions). Slovenia and Algeria are teams we can beat on any given day (unlike, say, England, who we’ll probably only beat if we’re having a great day and they’re off), but neither of them exactly snuck into the Cup.Report

    • Avatar Mark Thompson in reply to rob says:

      You’re right of course. Liveblogging tends to lend itself to overstatements. Still, it’s a group where the US can get through without having to pull off any upsets. It’s probably the first time in memory where they are clearly favored to make it through. Then again, we can’t disregard the loss of Charlie Davies and, quite possibly, Oguchi Onyewu.Report

  2. Avatar rob says:

    Excited about USA-England, though. Expect to see lots of “1950” signs.Report

  3. Avatar Will says:

    Nice work, Thompson.Report

  4. Avatar Brian says:

    why did i think that host countries get a free ride into the 2nd round? i thought that’s what the U.S. enjoyed when we hosted…Report

  5. Avatar sidereal says:

    Good analysis. Mexico’s draw got real tough real quick, but most people seemed to not notice and I’m still seeing a lot of ‘Mexico gets cake draw!’ analysis. I think they’re under 50/50 to make it out of the group. There really isn’t a Group of Death and I find it unfortunate that a lot of soccer media seems obsessed with identifying one whether it’s there or not.Report

    • Avatar Mark Thompson in reply to sidereal says:

      Thanks, sidereal! I think you’re right about Mexico, too. Their draw was practically the inverse of the US’ – they started off with the best possible draw in getting South Africa, where the US started off with one of the worst possible draws in England. But then their 2nd and 3rd draws wound up being just about the worst possible, where the US’ 2nd and 3rd draws were close to the best possible (though not quite the best).

      Despite South Africa’s awful ranking, that homefield advantage is going to be huge for them, so they’re not going to be complete pushovers. One thing that should be interesting with that group is whether they wind up playing their games at altitude, as apparently several of the venues are. That would work to both Mexico and S.A.’s advantage, and could level the playing field a bit.Report

  6. Avatar rob says:

    Now that I’ve thought about it, I’m pretty sure that Group F is the real Group of Death — but it’ll be the viewers, not the teams who suffer. Seriously, which of those games would you want to watch? Italy-New Zealand? That’s got all the drama of New Zealand-Samoa. Paraguay-Slovakia? Italy-Slovakia? Awful, awful stuff. What’s more, a member of the 2009 New York Red Bulls — one of the worst teams fielded by the worst team in MLS history — will start games in that group, which is horrendous beyond description.Report