Huckabee defends his decision to commute Clemmons’ sentence


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11 Responses

  1. North says:

    Look, I really disagree with and actively dislike Huckabee’s politics. Pretty much as much as anyone can in fact.

    But the man is on the side of the angels here. The case for clemency was concrete when he granted the pardon as Governor. The role of the executive in issuing pardons is integral to the proper function of the American justice system. Anyone exploiting this tragedy to hurt him politically is guilty of being remarkably venal and petty. If that attack comes from my side of the aisle (the left) you can tack grossly hypocritical onto the list of charges.Report

    • Scott in reply to North says:

      I still don’t see what the perp did to deserve clemency. He was sentenced to a quite a number years for his crimes? So what. He went to jail at a young age? So what. He didn’t like jail? So what. He convinced everyone he found God? So what. Anyone who commits that number of crimes that quickly deserves to spend a long time in jail away from society.Report

      • Will in reply to Scott says:

        So if some petty thief gets mistakenly locked up for a life sentence, you think it’s wrong to release him early? Come on.Report

        • Scott in reply to Will says:

          I think the only way people will take the criminal justice system serious y is if they have to serve the sentences they are given. But in any event why are you trying so hard to minimize the multiple crimes this guy committed to be put in jail in the first place? He was hardly a Jean Valjean, stealing to feed his family.Report

          • E.D. Kain in reply to Scott says:

            Way to do away with even the notion of nuanced thought, Scott. The only way to maintain a sensible justice system is to have sensible sentences handed out. Otherwise people will just try and cover up their misdeeds harder, will kill instead of just rob, and so forth. If you get a life sentence one way or another, what difference would it make?

            You dig?Report

            • Scott in reply to E.D. Kain says:

              The sentence Clemmons got was not arbitrary and capricious but was instead based on the law at the time the crimes were committed. What is wrong with requiring a perp to serve the sentence he was given?Report

              • North in reply to Scott says:

                He got like a hundred year sentence for robbery. I’m not exactly a squish when it comes to criminal justice but that seems pointy. But honestly I can’t get exercised in the Hucksters defense. If the right wing wants to eat their own then go for it. I’ve made my principled stand. I don’t owe Huckabee anything that’d make me compelled to offer more defense of him than I already have.Report

              • Scott in reply to North says:

                Clemmons’ crimes included burglaries, aggravated robberies and possession of a gun at school. It wasn’t as if committed just one crime. He got the sentence he deserved.Report

              • greginak in reply to Scott says:

                but his sentence could have been essentially a life sentence for a teenager. that seems over the top.Report

  2. Publius says:

    I posted lengthy thoughts on this topic at If you get a second, please check it out and let me know your thoughts.Report