Daily Archive: November 30, 2009


conservatism and society

CONSERVATIVE, n. A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with others.  ~ Ambrose Bierce People prefer simple explanations to complicated ones which is...


Public Service Announcement

League co-blogger Jamelle is kicking it over at The American Prospect’s group blog this week.


Podcast: The Golden Age of Television

I sat down with Freddie and Sonny Bunch, film critic for the Washington Times and a blogger at Conventional Folly, to talk about the A.V. Club’s much-discussed list of the decade’s best television shows....


healthcare reform and the appeal to emotion

“There are actual sick people with actual families feeling actual pain and facing actual tragedy because of this grotesque, wasteful, perverse, immoral, evil system that we labor under. Health care reform is a necessity...


love and blogging

William’s post reminds me of love, or of the process of falling in and out of love – or at least of the way that process has been mythologized in popular culture.  Disenchantment is...


can’t win by not losing

In shocking news, a conservative thinks that America’s political future is conservative. Honestly, sometimes I think that the best thing going for liberalism is that conservatives are so busy declaring victory that they’ll have...


Did the Tar Heels invent the forward pass?

My Tar Heels had a rough day in football this weekend, losing to NC State by a point. But it was some small consolation to come across the suggestion that the Tar Heels invented...