Gawker media’s commenting system



Freddie deBoer used to blog at, and may again someday. Now he blogs here.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar mike farmer says:

    A privilege to comment? What a doofus. It makes me want to comment with something off the wall, just so I can get banned — something like:

    Stardom, per se, although starship-ness is more cosmic, doesn’t calibrate in relation to a first order of recognition, like star-dust swept from the incredible eye of a beholder, not knowing that beauty reigns over grammar, and, furthermore, the lack of reward is never a justification for parsing, or parsley, or Parson Brown’s diagram, not quite verbless, but acutely sensitive to proper spelling. This and much more reveals/reveal, like lip-dancing on a starry night, something greater than acceptance, or clubbiness when all feet are on board and the toes have it.Report

  2. I’ve come to defend their honor. Done.Report

  3. Avatar Jaybone says:

    Freddie – You are so right on the ‘effin money. The blog content and reader comments found on the GAWKER sites are no more cogent or meaningful than ANY OTHER news or gossip site. The supposed rarefied air found at GAWKER smells no different than the rest of the Internet: like beer farts. They are trying to create the digital equivalent of a late-70’s era Studio 54, but I can’t imagine ANYONE with self-respect wanting desperately to find a way in after having been turned away from GAWKER’s door. I’m surprised they haven’t yet created an even more exclusive virtual VIP room somewhere within which then requires a cover charge. Assholes!Report