Daily Archive: November 20, 2009



Dave Schuler goes on a fine rant against Tom Friedman’s magnificent straw man on climate legislation.


Meanwhile, at True/Slant…

So at my American Tory blog I talk about: Sarah Palin (twice!) Teachers’ unions strong-arming their best teachers. Republican hypocrisy on fiscal responsibility. The best news in ages in the healthcare reform saga. And I start talking...


Weekend Open Thread

As you may have noticed, the last few days the regular gents have been lazy dogs like Puck here.  Or if you want to be generous to us, we’ve just had collective writers’ block. ...



“There is a Laffer curve for drinking and writing.” – E.D. Kain, via e-mail.


Investment advice: put your money into prisons

Arizona is considering selling off its prisons as part of a larger process of balancing the budget.  Even death row would be privately run.  The state government predicts the move could save them $100...


So much for school reform

DC Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is now enmeshed in this incredibly lurid sex scandal.