This is not a persuasive rejoinder to rigorous sports analysis



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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Brett Favre's Ass says:

    Leave Peter Alone! I need my kissesReport

  2. Avatar Freddie says:

    Man, criticizing Peter King… how daring!Report

  3. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    Your link doesn’t go to the article, so i con’t really judge it too well. But the point that games aren’t played on paper is sound.Report

  4. Avatar kth says:

    Right, Peter King, because a computer would never have predicted that the margin of victory in a Pats-Colts game would be 1 point.

    Given that the trends outlined in Michael Lewis’ Moneyball constitute the most important sports story of the past decade-plus, the innumeracy of the MSSM is as baffling as it is aggravating.Report