Overcompensation or necessary correction?



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  1. Avatar Jaybird

    I work with a disciple. He won’t shut up about him.

    I can’t say something like “I bought a copy of Dragon Age” without him saying something like “I wish I made Jaybird money!”

    Drives me up the wall.Report

  2. My wife and I did the 13-week ‘Financial Peace University’ through our church. Basically you spend an hour each week watching a 1 hour lecture on a chapter of the program and then spend 30 minutes in a group discussing strategies, setbacks, etc. It was very informative and also very sobering to hear how much of a pickle our fellow group members were in.

    We haven’t stuck to the program completely but we haven’t borrowed money in 3 years, no credit cards and we have reduced our debt by about $10,000. Ramsey’s stuff works.Report

    • Avatar Will in reply to Mike at The Big Stick

      Yeah it really does sound pretty compelling, particularly the stuff about paying with cash instead of cards to better control your expenditures.Report

      • Avatar Mike at The Big Stick in reply to Will

        The one thing we don’t do is the cash thing. Instead, if we’re saving for a trip (for example) I will have my wife write a check each week for a portion of our trip budget. This takes the money out of the checkbook so we can’t spend it. Then I put the checks in an envelope. When we hit our target dollar amount we know the cash is in our checking account waiting for us. I know some people who also do the cash method with Monopoly money.Report

  3. Avatar JosephFM

    You know what isn’t sensible? Paying 200 bucks to listen to a guy tell you how to be spend your money sensibly.Report

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