Daily Archive: November 18, 2009


While you guys were talking about a certain politician…

…I was messing around with the “in b flat” project. It’s sort of like playing with sound loops, except other people made them and put them on YouTube. Enjoy your ten-minute collaborative tune! [via...


Dream Job

For Deadheads, at least: The University Library of the University of California, Santa Cruz, seeks an enterprising, creative, and service-oriented archivist to join the staff of Special Collections & Archives (SC&A) as Archivist for...


Son of The Wire

Matt Yglesias says: What’s really depressing to me about the current TV landscape isn’t so much that we haven’t seen another Wire-quality show as it is that we haven’t even seen a serious effort...


Personal Politics

Since the wattage of Palin-mania is currently at full blast, causing rolling blog brown outs, I think it’s worth stepping back for a second and discussing what is and isn’t valuable information when studying...


Yankee Go Home

Via Positive Liberty, a hilarious video:


The Monks of Mount Athos

I was lucky enough to visit Mount Athos when my parents lived in Thessaloniki, and the trip has stayed with me for a long time. National Geographic has an article on the monasteries and...


quote for the day II

“Since the Dish has tried to be rigorous and careful in analyzing Palin’s unhinged grip on reality from the very beginning – specifically her fantastic story of her fifth pregnancy –  we feel it’s...


Quote of the Day

George H. W. Bush on his own infamous bow in Japan:


Gay marriage and religious liberty ctd.

“E.D., please note, is a supporter of same-sex marriage, and believes the Catholic Church is very wrong to oppose it. But he’s starting to see that gay marriage really is a threat to religious...