Daily Archive: November 17, 2009


The Acid Test for Conservative Populism

A few weeks ago, The Nation had a great editorial on breaking up the banks: The heart of our predicament is the Too Big to Fail (TBTF) problem. Banks have grown so large that...


my thoughts exactly

Commenter “SmartHippo” on the Sherdog.com mixed martial arts forum: My feelings towards MMA are kind of similar to my feelings toward metal. I love metal, and I respect it. I do, in one sense,...


Google’s Attempt to Takeover the World Reaches New Levels

Wow.  This morning Google announced that it has launched a new feature on Google Scholar that makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to do a comprehensive search of every published court decision in the country.  This is huge...


More Blawging: Restoring Privileges and Immunities

Patrick at Popehat has the goods on why even pro-gun control liberals ought to be rooting for Alan Gura in the latest 2nd Amendment case that he is bringing before the Supreme Court.  I...


sports metrics and the problem with unconventional wisdom

The more that I think about it, the more that I think the “metrics” school of sports analysis is the perfect example for understanding the limitations of insurgent intellectual movements. I have never known...


More Voices for a Nonbelligerency Process

Roger Cohen is on board with ending the Peace Process and moving to a de facto ceasefire (though admittedly still pretty awful ) in Israel-Palestine.  Money quote:


For the record

Predictably enough, Obama has attracted some nonsensical criticism for reiterating his support for the “one-China” principle. So it’s worth remembering that Bush not only opposed formally recognizing Taiwanese independence, he was actually criticized for...


Our Twitterific Future

A few weeks ago, I lamented my inability to finish long, difficult books. Over at First Thoughts, Jared Bridges offers a more hopeful interpretation of our changing reading habits.


Car question for readers

2000 Honda CR-V with 142,000 miles @ $5300 vs. 1999 Honda CR-V with 114,000 miles @ $6500.  Both in good shape.


Bill Belichek, Randian Superhero

Though my heart belongs to the Redskins, I am an unabashed Patriots apologist (I mean, you have to find a team to root for in the playoffs, right?). I admire their consistency. I admire...


You say Obama, I say Osama

I read this post over at The Dish and quite honestly thought it said “Obama” and not “Osama.”  Which changes everything, of course.  Read the following passage substituting the word Osama with Obama: Paul...