Daily Archive: November 16, 2009


Hey Girl, Party at Moammar’s Pad, Text Me

This story of Gadhafi inviting 200 young Italian women to his house and then trying to convert them to Islam only works in a world in which Gadhafi exists.  I can guarantee you that...


The Mideast Peace, Make That, Nonbelligerency Process

Rob Malley and Hussein Agha have a very thought-provoking piece in the New York Review of Books (h/t Marc Lynch) concerning the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  In effect, they argue that the peace process is...


We’re All Turning Japanese-a

Since President Obama bowed to the Japanese Emperor, thereby signaling the reversal of the victory of WWII and the domination of Japan over the US (Michael Crichton was right after all!!!!), I for one,...



Defending Bill Belicheck’s indefensible decision to go for it last night on fourth and two seems to be becoming a movement and gathering steam. It’s driven, I think, by sports contrarianism, but never mind...


The Prisoner

Did anyone catch the AMC remake last night? How was it? I just found Wired’s “Prisoner” appreciation and McGoohan obituary, and I’m curious to know how good the reboot is.


Breaking the Nuclear Taboo

Unlike John Hinderaker, I would be very pleased if Obama expressed regret for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I don’t foresee this happening, but I am always amazed by people who just assume that leveling two...


Glenn Beck and Southpark

Here’s Beck on his radio show, taking the Southpark parody rather well I think.