Daily Archive: November 13, 2009


Cincinnati-West Virginia Open Thread

Mark T. wants us to respect foozball in the Big East.  Well, my hometown Bearcats have just gone up 21-14 in a game against the Mountaineers.  Tony Pike comes off the bench with 2...


Friday Night Jukebox

To celebrate Mary Washington’s unprecedented semi-final showing at the recent Harvard Policy Debate Tournament, here’s a great song that includes a very random Harvard reference: Enjoy your weekend.



So today someone I know from high school came out on Facebook, and from what I understand, this was the first situation where he’s really come out as gay at all. It was great...


Taking the helmet out of football?

The Journal says that getting rid of helmets and the traditional three point stance may reduce the risk of head injuries on the football field. Pretty interesting stuff, although these solutions were first mentioned...


Gay marriage in D.C. ctd.

Thomas J Reese sums it up nicely, and says it all better than I have. Catholic Charities competes with private and nonprofit agencies for these contracts with the government deciding which organization will provide...


Double standards

When the House recently passed a healthcare bill which included restrictions on the use of federal money to subsidize abortion, liberals were up in arms.  “It restricts choice!” they cried.  Let’s oppose it!  Let’s...


Gay Marriage in D.C.

” The premise of today’s story was that the Catholic Church was threatening to cease to provide charitable services if the law legalizing gay marriage is passed. In point of fact, it is the...


Shameless Self-Promotion

Hey kids, just a heads up – I’m guest-blogging at Spencer Ackerman’s digs.  So for those of you who can actually tolerate my blogging, head over there for today.


Bruce Bartlett, Socialist Lackey

An essential post from Bartlett on the trivial differences between Europe and the United States. Speaking as someone who managed to survive growing up on that benighted continent,  it’s high time we move beyond...


A Portion For The (Megan) Foxes

This might be more James Poulos’s department (or maybe James Joyner’s), but this caught my eye from the cover story on Megan Fox in the NyTimes Magazine [link fixed].  Ms. Fox states: “It’s been...


Somebody had to say it

David Harsanyi admits the obvious: Twitter is basically useless. Sure, I understand the social appeal, and my will to resist setting up an account will probably erode over time. But why a 140-character format...