Daily Archive: November 12, 2009


Best Television Shows of the Decade

The Onion ranks ’em – let the arguments commence! After reading the list, you begin to realize how consistently excellent the last few years of television have been. My personal top five consists of...


How robots replaced amateur artists.

James Matthew Wilson, an editor at Front Porch Republic, has posted the first four sections of an essay called “Art and Beauty against the Politicized Aesthetic,” and the fifth and final section is on...


Let’s Get Dangerous Serious

As much as I appreciate Jamelle’s Darkwing Duck references (though personally, I’ve always preferred TaleSpin), I think he’s being a bit unfair to skeptics of health insurance reform here. Jamelle argues that we can’t...


Glad(well) tidings of joy.

Galley Slaves points to a nice little parody in Vanity Fair: Malcolm Gladwell takes on Christmas — with social science!


Pertinent Facts

Jules Crittenden sneers at Ambassador Eikenberry’s recommendation not to deploy troops to Central Asia, noting “that Eikenberry commands no troops in Afghanistan.” Well, bashing the diplomatic corps is de rigueur among the more vulgar...


I don’t actually recall having any debate

This Gallup poll has gotten a bunch of attention, and I figure it’s worth posting here: Yesterday, Ruth Marcus (or rather, whoever writes her subheadline) called the House debate over the health care bill...


Health Care and Ping Pong

By Wyeth Ruthven Forget conference committees, any observer of health care reform needs to add the term “ping-pong” to their legislative vocabulary. Ping-pong is a little known but increasingly used procedural device to pass...


Good news, no more Lou!

Via Kevin Drum it looks like nobody stuck watching CNN will have to suffer through any more of Lou Dobbs’ nonsense!  CNN still employs Nancy Grace, however, so not all is true and good...