Daily Archive: November 9, 2009


dangerous ideas

Emmanuel Faye wants to get Heidegger out of the canon because he was a Nazi. Hey, you know who were really good at getting books out of the canon? The Nazis! They just fucking...



At my True/Slant digs I talk about abortion and federal subsidies, the affable yet befuddled Michael Steele, abortion again, and Christianity & healthcare reform (among other things).  If you’re interested stop by and leave...


Conservatives, Umbrage, and Art Appreciation

I don’t have time to comment on it fully, but Sonny Bunch’s Friday column for the Washington Times is faaan-tastic!  Will conservatives get – and celebrate – the subtleties of [Untitled]’s broadside on post-modern...


One minor quibble

Andrew Sullivan on his intellectual consistency: I was appalled by the anti-Semitism buried within ANSWER – the left-wing equivalent of the Tea Party peeps – their paranoia and their ad Hitlerum daffiness. I railed...


More Please!

I have no idea whether this is Conor Friedersdorf taking our recent criticisms to heart or if this is something he’s been working on for awhile, but his debate with John Hawkins at Right Wing...


Friedman Redivivius

The old (and good) Tom Friedman was on display in yesterday’s op-ed. The guy who knows and can communicate The Middle East.  Key quote:


Murdoch vs. Google

Rupert Murdoch, media mogul extrordinaire, has decided that links coming from the search engine monolith Google are parasitic and should be banned outright.  Yes – what most of us online strive for – links...



This is one crazy-mean soccer player.



Rod Dreher: On the other hand, it is also wrong to pretend that the Muslim religion had nothing to do with this massacre, that it is mere happenstance that this mass murderer’s crime was...


shocking: anti-vaccination story probably incorrect

Desiree Jennings, who notoriously got distonia from a flu vaccine, has made a stunning recovery. But she probably never had distonia, and almost certainly didn’t get her condition from a vaccine. And here I’ve...


You don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?

Note: This was a shitty movie. So, if Memeorandum is any indication, a few conservative bloggers have taken to mining fourth-rate dialogue from third-rate science fiction movies in order to make an absurd point about how...


Editorial oversight, anyone?

The Guardian continues to burnish its remarkable record of publishing unabashed apologists for communism. This latest offering isn’t quite as good as Zsuzsanna Clark’s classic “Goulash and Solidarity,” but if you’re looking for awful...