Daily Archive: November 6, 2009

Not Again

Breaking news of another shooting rampage.  This (apparently) involved a disgruntled former worker.  Just so awful.

Lest we forget

David Frum has some images which should sober up any claims that somehow Muslims as a group are to blame for Thursday’s shooting.  The acts of the few should not condemn the peaceful majority,...

Strange Bedfellows

Here’s an entertaining scoop from Mother Jones: Crackpot ex-KGB academic teams up with tea party radicals to predict the imminent break-up of the United States.

Yes, Google is making me stupid

Or at least less apt to struggle through difficult, rewarding books. You see, I was (belatedly) inspired by The American Scene’s “Fall of the U.S.A.” series to pick up John Dos Passos and give...