Worse Than Terrorism?

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Kyle says:

    She also called Matthew Shepard’s murder a hoax. As batty as Alan Grayson that one.Report

    • Avatar Mark says:

      Let’s not engage in relativism here. I just lost 4 minutes of my life listening to that bat and her rantings. She opposed aid to the Katrina victims, voted against the Voting Rights Act extension, called Matthew Shepherd a criminal, and now bitches incoherently about poor and sick people having health insurance.

      Grayson’s a dick, but he’s hardly going after poor people, sick people, non-white people and gay people. Using your power to attack Wall Street, Defense Contractors and Health Insurance companies, well if he wasn’t a Democrat and a Jew, he’d be lauded by Republicans.Report

      • Avatar JosephFM says:

        Yeah, seriously. Grayson is a loose cannon, a populist, and in all likelihood going to lose his seat (which the IMO even more dickish Ric Keller held for four terms). But he’s not crazy so much as just quick-tempered.Report

  2. Avatar Kyle Cupp says:

    Translation: “Be afraid. Vote Republican. Repeat.”Report

  3. Avatar Zeke says:

    In addition to being a crazy bigot, Virginia Foxx is my congresscritter. I think that I need to move.Report