Daily Archive: November 2, 2009

Scenes from a parallel universe

Rod Dreher exhumes a great YouTube clip of Kurt Russell auditioning for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars:

Stray thoughts on the NY-23 race

The cosmic significance of the congressional race in New York’s 23rd district has, I think, been wildly overblown by a conservative movement that seems obsessively focused on extremely narrow tactical issues (Van Jones, anyone?)....

We Are Experiencing Institutional Difficulties

At least among liberal bloggers, it’s become a matter of conventional wisdom that Congress – and particularly the Senate – is fundamentally broken.  Matthew Yglesias regularly points out our system’s absurdities, and various commentators have...

Cash For Clunkers; Screw the Poor

Via Doug Mataconis, Jaybird gets to eat a nice big plate of “I Told You So” over Cash-For-Clunkers. Says the article:

the things people say

Riffing off my last post, I’d like to take on two thoughts.  First, here’s Yglesias:

Nothing’s ever certain except race and taxes.

Andrew Sullivan has this map posted at the Dish today, which he found via Open Left.  What I take from Open Left’s analysis is that by and large white men are not all that progressive....

Who Wants to Be The President of Afghanistan?

Well, apparently not Abdullah Abdullah.  Meanwhile. the second round of Afghan elections–which were called after much US pressure–have been canceled. Yet again the US puts all its eggs in the basket of democratic proceduralism...

Brett Favre Revisionism

A prolonged Halloween hangover is preventing me from commenting on the great issues of the day, but I did find this revisionist take on Brett Favre’s penchant for throwing disastrous interceptions pretty interesting.

America’s Next Top Pundit

Despite Will’s take on the Washington Post’s “Next Top Pundit” contest, I thought it sounded like a pretty neat way to gain some exposure.  I mean, no matter which way you look at it,...