The Prince of Nothing


Erik Kain

Erik writes about video games at Forbes and politics at Mother Jones. He's the contributor of The League though he hasn't written much here lately. He can be found occasionally composing 140 character cultural analysis on Twitter.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Ian M. says:

    I’ll put in my mandatory plug for Joe Abercrombie (First Law series) and Tim Powers (The Anubis Gates or Last Call) and add Bakker to the “pending” stack.Report

  2. Avatar Nav says:

    It is very good. Bakker writes incredibly well. But… Did you not find everything a little unimaginative? The Messiah thing, the obvious Biblical/historical analogies that were used to construct the back story, it all seemed a little weak. Now I really liked the books, but the poor plotting really lets them down.Report

    • Avatar E.D. Kain in reply to Nav says:

      Actually I think this was very purposeful on his part. He wanted to take the very familiar from our world and then change it just subtly enough to the point where we constantly compare, constantly see both worlds one atop the other. Or at least that’s how I read it. Sometimes toying with familiarity can be extremely powerful. The Kellhus/Messiah thing is interesting because of how deeply cynical it is, for instance.Report