Daily Archive: October 25, 2009


interesting facts

Here are some facts that I find interesting! The New York Yankees payroll is about $65 million dollars higher than the next closest team. That is an interesting fact! That means that the gap...


Sunday Poem Series

The Old Women of the Ocean by Pablo Neruda translated by Jodey Bateman To the solemn sea the old women come With their shawls knotted around their necks With their fragile feet cracking. They...


Quote of the Day

Deadspin highlights one British viewer’s opinion of American Football: As far as I can see American football is a marathon of budweiser adverts occasionally interrupted by some “talented bloke” chucking a rugby-like ball to...


Poverty guidelines and the costs of health care reform

The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that 15.8 percent of Americans lived in poverty last year, using an alternative method to analyze their numbers provided by the National Academy of Sciences.  This is significantly higher than the...

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