Daily Archive: October 22, 2009


Dick Cheney Gives a Speech

And predictably, it’s filled with distortions, half-truths and misrepresentations (full transcript here):


One Step Closer*

As much as I hate to say it, Newt Gingrich does have a point here: Through my experience as Speaker of the House and building a Republican majority in 1994, I have learned that...



As the League enters its 10th month in the blogosphere, we find ourselves with more traffic than I think any of us had anticipated.  We also find ourselves rapidly approaching the date upon which...


The Meaning of Water and Wine

Sully points us to a portion of a recent interview between (I’m not making this up) Hugh Hewitt and Richard Dawkins.  The whole interview is here.  Andrew’s commentary is worth the read, particularly in...


Google Bleg

I know Freddie thinks Google wants to eat our souls (along with that nefarious Steve Jobs) but I kind of like the monolithic software company, personally.  Lately I’ve really grown attached to Google Chrome....


Another response to Conor

[moved to an earlier time, off the sidebar, yada yada yada…] “Perhaps we’re getting at what puzzles and galls me so much about recent posts at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen about how dissident...


Mad Men

This excellent Atlantic article on the show echoes a few criticisms first aired in an equally excellent Culture11 review last year. Unfortunately, the original article is lost to the Internets, but I found a...


Float On

After reading several accounts of the Ephemerisle Festival (for those interested, a more in-depth explanation of the event – and seasteading – can be found here), I’m more convinced than ever that I really...