Daily Archive: October 21, 2009


Reform Conservatism, Not Conservatives

It’s clear to me that Conor and to a lesser extent Rod don’t understand what Jamelle, Freddie, E.D., and myself have been driving at in our various critiques of reform-minded conservatism.  Conor’s misunderstanding is...


This is all an elaborate joke, right?

Freddie must have infiltrated Slate’s editorial staff to write this gem, which masquerades as a serious defense of Creed’s musical stylings. Wait, what’s that you say? It’s not a parody? Oh dear . ....


Only Lovers Democrats Left Alive

This is a good point (via Cogitamus): As long as there was still a good distance to go before a bill was passed, Business Dog Dems could afford to be Business Dogs – to...


Quote for the Day

A Salami: The perfect blend of subtle irony, seriousness, futurism, and wonkhood.  To wit, here’s Reihan in his interview with The Economist: In the far future, I imagine that there will be bipartisan cooperation...


more of the same

Part of what makes the Israel-Palestine debate so wearying is that so many fundamental broken arguments have a remarkable persistence. This is largely a result of the huge role that emotionalism, ad hominem and...


You can go your own way

Many readers are undoubtedly suspicious of self-indulgent exercises in libertarian wankery, but this excellent dialogue from Reason raises some interesting questions about the nature of governance, freedom and culture. As someone who grew up...


Reviewing Obama’s War Part III: Rory Stewart

Part I here, Part II here. The Obama administration has proposed a very, very narrow objective, which is counterterrorism, and a very maximalist, broad definition of how to achieve it, which extends to counterinsurgency...


Reminder of the Day

KipEsquire, on Twitter: “Still get the giggles at Twitterers whose Bio lines read “Conservative. Libertarian.” What’s next – “Mormon. Jew.”?” Well, in addition to attempting the “Conservative. Libertarian.” double, Mitt Romney has also legendarily...


Wyden’s Free Choice Act

At my other digs, I pimp out Sen. Ron Wyden and shake my head at the nonsense of Max Baucus and the Democrats.


nota bene

The recently-interviewed Conor Friedersdorf is starting a twitter feed where he aggregates what he feels is the best nonfiction writing. Check it out at http://twitter.com/JournoCurator .