Daily Archive: October 20, 2009


New Policy Blog

Okay, so funny story: a week or two ago I wrote this really overly-harsh review of a site, and then one of the writer’s at that site knocked me down a peg or two...


Reviewing Obama’s War: Part II

For Part I here. So I’m breaking my own rules in this second post (a little bit).  I said these posts would only be buitl around the interviews in this PBS documentary, but then...


Thank You

Awhile back, I asked for recommendations on good WWI books since the book I had chosen was pretty weak.  I wound up going with the Keegan book, which seemed to be the most recommended...


Are Property Rights Enough?

Reason hosted a pretty interesting debate between Kerry Howley, Todd Seavey and Daniel McCarthy on freedom and property rights. I think I’m inclined towards McCarthy’s point of view, but you really should read the...

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