Daily Archive: October 19, 2009


The coming plague

I try to not let myself get all worked up or scared over fear-inspiring essays, but this latest one from Robin Cook is – as Conor puts it via twitter – pretty terrifying:


Christopher Hitchens and moral glibness

Sometimes I wonder if Slate knows that they’re being ripped off by Christopher Hitchens.  After all, he’s been writing the same two columns for while now: either he complains about how oppressive it is...


Ross Douthat Strikes Back

I know he’s taken quite a beating around these parts, but I really liked Ross Douthat’s latest column, which endorses the same Singapore-style approach to health insurance that E.D. championed earlier (Is there any...


Reviewing Obama’s War: Part I

This weekend I finally managed to have the time to sit down and watch this excellent PBS Frontline documentary called Obama’s War. Highly recommended and hats off to the folks at Frontline for a...


Dreher Responds

Rod Dreher responded the other day to my post on connecting dissidents to the base.  He is, for the most part, about where I was two weeks ago, so I’m sympathetic to his position. ...


caricatures & demons

It’s interesting to watch how conservatives and liberals treat each other.  How they categorize one another.  I’ve tried to distinguish between the two – since it seems they each have different methods of dehumanizing...