Daily Archive: October 15, 2009


Connecting Dissidents and the Base

Jamelle’s post yesterday stimulated some thoughts in my head, not only about the question of why movement conservatives need to recognize that the Bush Administration’s failures are attributable to conservatism, but also about how Republicans can...


Friendly advice

This is perhaps the worst advice column I’ve ever read, not that I read many.  Nevertheless, this is horrible to the point of being truly disgusting.  The indispensable Julian Sanchez has a good take on it:


In Praise of Roger Ebert

Thinking more on his latest review, I’ve decided that more Americans need to be made aware of Roger Ebert’s undeniable awesomeness. Here, for example, is his memorable assessment of “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” (“Speaking...


Localism and free trade

Will asks a few good questions about markets and economies of scale, to which Kevin Carson (among others) provides some very good answers from his own unique, mutualist perspective. Will asks, “are localism and...


Leave zombie slaying to the experts

Amateur zombie killing tips make for entertaining blog posts, but when it comes to slaying the undead, I’ll stick to the experts.


Deep Inside of a Parallel Universe

Reihan doesn’t think that we should dismiss Republican intransigence as irrational or nihilistic (via Andrew Sullivan): Among Democrats and liberals, there is a belief that Republican opposition to the various Democratic proposals represents a...


Quote of the Day

Roger Ebert, in a review of “Black Dynamite”: The women are also dressed in period threads, and many have big Afros. I am happy to say it brings back an element sadly missing in...


Charles Gasparino is making sense…

Good article: And Wall Street should fess up about something else: Firms are making money not because they’re good at what they do, but because they have been given so many subsidies that it’s...