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Will writes from Washington, D.C. (well, Arlington, Virginia). You can reach him at willblogcorrespondence at gmail dot com.

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6 Responses

  1. Sonny Bunch says:

    Positively Fifth Street IS fantastic. Though I listened to the audio book during a commute one week instead of reading the book. So I guess I’m just assuming that the book is fantastic. Perhaps I should say that the audio book of Positively Fifth Street IS fantastic.Report

    • Will in reply to Sonny Bunch says:

      Wait, somebody read that book out loud? With all the asides about strippers, tar heroine, murdering casino heirs and how hot the author’s wife is? I demand a copy of that audio tape. Like, right now.Report

      • James McManus in reply to Will says:

        Hi Will. Thanks for your enthusiasm about the Chronicle piece. I hope you will checkout the book when it comes out next week. I the meantime, the very best version of PFS on tape is from Books on Tape, in which the complete book is read by actor Paul Michael. Cheers, JimReport

        • Will in reply to James McManus says:

          Jim McManus –

          I’m incredibly surprised (and gratified) to find you hanging out in our comments section. For what it’s worth, I was huge of Positively Fifth Street, which inspired my roommates and I to spend an inordinate amount of time playing Texas Hold ‘Em in college. Thanks for the tip!

          Jaybird –

          You win this thread.Report

      • Jaybird in reply to Will says:

        Note to Will:
        Jim McManus just saw you discussing how hot his wife is.Report

  2. James McManus says:

    Will and Jaybird: dat’s okay. Jennifer is much hotter than I deserve. The new history is dedicated to her, and she’s the star of the novel I’m working on, called The Winter Casino, in which her name is Vanessa.Report