Daily Archive: October 14, 2009


Our National Drug of Choice

No one is above the outrage cycle. We have now, in our culture, synthesized the two worst elements of pre-9/11 and post-9/11 media: the pre-9/11 obsession with meaningless bullshit; and the post-9/11 obsession with...


Reformism Revisited

I’m pleasantly surprised at the discussion that has arisen around Freddie’s broadside against reform-minded conservatives, the panel discussion at Princeton the other day, and my analyses thereof. I just wanted to highlight some of...


Two Things

First, I have a post up at New Majority arguing that the Green Revolution needs free markets if it’s ever going to be sustainable.  And second, if you’re having trouble with links and you’re...


Big is beautiful (and inevitable)

A day or two ago, I offhandedly endorsed an article from Jagdish Bhagwati on the continued relevance of global free trade. This provoked a few heated responses from Kevin Carson, who has long argued...


Governments Matter: Afghanistan Edition

George Packer has been digging through books on Vietnam as to what they may tell us about Afghanistan.  (George is smart enough to know that actually Vietnam is probably not the best place to...


New Concepts in Home Ownership

by Mike at the Big Stick It’s an interesting time in our house these days. About 6 months ago, my wife and I decided to put our home up for sale. We then spent...


The Odyssey of Pat Tillman

I think it’s safe to say that former NFL player Pat Tillman – an Army Ranger killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan – was the first hero of the War on Terror.  Like many,...


Sounds familiar, no?

I’m referring to the first video clip: “This is one of the troubles that the liberals get into. They become so doctrinaire, so conformist that if you don’t fit their little mold right down...


Common Ostronomics

Elinor Ostrom, recent co-winner (along with Oliver Williamson) of the Riksbank Prize in Economics in memory of Alfred Nobel (but do not call it the Nobel Prize of Economics) studies the commons.  For those...


What Poker Can Teach Us

Jim McManus’s article on poker and American entrepreneurship is not to be missed. Here’s a great excerpt:


Steele yourself for more embarassment

Making fun of Michael Steele has become de rigueur for political observers across the ideological spectrum, and to be fair, it’s not hard to see why. His antics frequently come off as something out...