Wait, someone actually voted against this amendment?



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  1. Avatar Sam M

    Not that familiar with this amendment. But if requiring arbitration rather than litigation is such an odious practice… why not just make it illegal?Report

  2. Avatar Katherine

    Yes, there’s been a lot of outrage on that one in liberal circles… I mean, how horrible of a person do you have to be to vote in favour of military contractors being allowed to rape their employees?

    For the record, the 10 (only 10!) Republicans who voted for the bill were the 4 female Republicans (Collins, Snowe, Hutchinson, and Murkowski), the two senators from Utah (I’m a bit confused on that as I thought Obama sent one of them as ambassador to China), Grassley, LeMieux (Martinez’s replacement in Florida), Lugar and Voinovich. Apparently every other Republican Senator has no problem with rape. Including McCain… I mean, why?Report

  3. Avatar Nob Akimoto

    Not to conflate this issue with another one…but the vote totals kind of seem very familiar to what we saw with the Ledbetter Act where there was a 61-38 vote with Collins, Hutchinson, Murkowski and Snowe (technically Specter was still a Republican at the time as well…but…) crossing over to vote for the bill. While two bills doesn’t make a trend, there does seem to be a theme here.Report

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