Daily Archive: October 10, 2009


Saturday healthcare blogging pt. 3

There’s a somewhat conflicting dynamic between competition and cost-pooling.  The larger the pool, the cheaper the premium (at least theoretically) because more healthy people subsidize the cost of the sick people.  Conversely, the more...


Saturday healthcare blogging pt. 2

Now compare this to Singapore-style Health Savings Accounts.  Let’s say you have 10% of your income deducted from your paycheck and that goes into your HSA (or “Medisave” account), and another 5% deducted as...


Saturday healthcare blogging pt. 1

The push-back on my Baucuscare post basically broke down to this: why complain about subsidy amounts when people now aren’t really getting any help to pay for their insurance to begin with?  A family...


Colbert v. Beck

This is pretty funny.  And really, isn’t humor the best way to take on hypocrites and liars?