Daily Archive: October 8, 2009


Silver on Opt-Out Public Option

Br. Nate likes the Tom Carper (D-Del) plan for a state opt-out version of the public option.  Sounds workable to me (especially if added with the Ron Wyden Free Choice Amendment) and seems to...



[UPDATE – In true, tail-between-legs fashion, I have walked back significantly from this post here.  I didn’t do my homework, and I overstated my case.] I have to admit, I’m not a big fan...


Our Northern European Future, continued

To respond briefly to Jamelle’s response to my response to his response to Ross Douthat’s latest column (got that?), I think he’s right that thorough-going campaign finance reform would solve a lot of structural...


Free Trade and Taxes – Denmark Edition

Matt Yglesias is in Denmark.  I can sort of travel vicariously by blogging about Denmark as well, so here we go….  Not surprisingly, the Danes have very high taxes: The overwhelming fact about Danish...


This Is Newsworthy…How, Exactly?

So, during the election campaign Hollywood liberals liked Obama and donated some money to his campaign.  A year later several of those Hollywood liberals, who combined donated a whopping $34,000 to Obama, sign a...


Unite, Bloggers of the World, Unite!

I can think of only one reason not to join in on the boycott of Ralph Lauren jeans, and that’s just the fact that I don’t buy Ralph Lauren jeans in the first place.